Giving Thanks

Giving thanks

Today is Thanksgiving here in the US. At this time of year, adults in the US tend to ask children (at home and school) what they are or should be thankful for.

This year, I decided to ask myself this question. As I started to write things down, I realized that my list is long.

Here is a part of my list related to work.

Work in general: This year I didn’t become rich, and my medical writing and communication business didn’t grow as big as I had sometimes hoped. But I am thankful for what I have managed to achieve.

Clients: Thank you for the many exciting and, at times, challenging projects. Because of you, I get to work on projects that are interesting and meaningful to me. Thank you for letting me be part of your teams that are making a positive difference in the world.

AMWA: I want to thank all the staff members and volunteers at American Medical Writers Association. Thank you for welcoming me to the medical writing and communication community more than a decade ago, for helping me constantly learn and grow, and for opening doors and providing opportunities over the years. I wouldn’t be able to grow and develop in this profession without you.

Colleagues, friends, and mentors: Through AMWA and other professional organizations, I have met so many colleagues with whom I can share thoughts and bounce off ideas. Many of you have become friends and some of you have become mentors. Thank you so much for your friendship and support.

Recruiters: Thank you for reaching out to me with different job opportunities. I am not looking for a full-time job, but I appreciate your time and effort to reach out. Many of you even took the time to read my posts and writing samples before sending me a message. Thank you for your dedication and professionalism.

Those who post encouraging messages on LinkedIn: We all face challenges at work and we often feel pressured and frustrated, even depressed at times. A few kind words, an encouraging message can make a big difference. Many of you have brightened my days with positive and helpful postings. You may not realize this, but you are making an impact in your followers’ lives with positive and helpful messages.

Thank you, and please continue to do so.

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