Medical Writing and Publication in the Age of Transparency: Trends, Challenges, and Good Practices

The global landscape of clinical research and health care has been shiftting towards open science and patient-centered health care. The ever-evolving regulations and policies pose challenges to trial sponsors and investigators, and also provides opportunities to medical communicators. This poster presented at the 2018 AMWA Medical Writing and Communication Conference in DC reviews the trends, analyzes the challenges, and explains the potential opportunities for medical communicators.

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Translating Data into Compelling Stories

— Tips on Writing Peer-reviewed Research Articles

Most scientists I know enjoy doing research. But writing? Not so much. When it’s time to write a manuscript after having completed a research project, they often dread to get started. Some are even consumed by anxiety. This article provides a step-by-step guide.

How to Conduct an Effective and Thorough Literature Search for Medical Writing Projects

Many medical writing projects start with a literature search. But conducting a thorough literature search can be time consuming. How do you effectively gather all the information you need without over researching?